Business Hazardous Waste


HWMA's Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) program is open to businesses that are small quantity generators. 'Businesses' include landlords, nonprofits, & churches.

PLEASE NOTE: By law, all businesses must call ahead to make an appointment. To schedule an appointment call (707) 441-2005.

Do I Qualify?

If you produce 220 pounds or 27 gallons or less of hazardous waste in any month you qualify for this program. If you produce more than this quantity, you are considered a large quantity generator and must contact a hazardous waste transporter for proper handling, transport and disposal of your hazardous waste.

5 Gallon Size Container Limit - We can only accept containers that are up to 5 gallons in size. If you current container size is too large, follow these tips:

  • Get containers that are 5-gallons in size, such as a paint bucket with a lid.
  • Transfer waste from your larger container into the smaller one. Use as many smaller containers as needed.


Not Accepted
Radioactive Waste
Biological Waste
Propane Tanks Larger than 1 Qt